Headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, our operation is strategically located to provide transportation and logistics services to Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, California, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Michigan, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Washington and more parts of Canada and US throughout the year.

We specialized in A refrigerated container or reefer is an inter-modal container (shipping container) used in inter-modal freight transport that is refrigerated for the transportation of temperature sensitive cargo.

Also specialize in triaxle, tendum, reefer and multi-temp., cross dock and warehousing in Winnipeg.

We have tractors, trailers, flat desks, heavy haulers, moving containers, reefers and also have LTL and (Partial Loads) which produce frozen and dry loads. Our drivers are certified licensed, highly skilled and experienced in freight. Our management staffs have experience in many industries; safety and quality customer service are key goals for us. Our people are experienced to assist you with whatever your requirements are. We thanks to our customers and employees without them we would have not got this far.

At MEHTOJ GROUP LTD., you can find a great partner for your business. Working with us, will allow you to focus on your core business, leaving the Warehousing, Cross-Docking, and Transportation of your goods and materials to us.
At MEHTOJ GROUP LTD., we take great pride in our never-ending commitment to customer service. It is this commitment which has allowed us to survive as well as prosper in an extremely competitive market.
Load Protection
At MEHTOJ GROUP LTD., All of our trucks are fully equipped with tarps, V-boards, chains & binders, chain softeners: in short, we are ready to haul any flatbed load. For your protection, we carry a full line of cargo, liability, and property damage insurance, just in case the unthinkable should happen.
Value For Money
At MEHTOJ GROUP LTD., You will find our rate schedule very attractive in this day of sky rocketing shipping costs.